Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Support this years Good Friday Appeal - 2nd April 2010

Help support this years Good Friday Appeal a very
worthy cause.

For any bears and critters available from my website
and webstore that are adopted during 31st March to
5th April 2010, contributions from adoptions will be
donated to this years Good Friday Appeal.
Take a look now - www.rufnutteddys.com

The Good Friday Appeal is a unique fundraising
activity that brings together people from all parts
of the community in a very special way. The
common goal is to raise money for The Royal
Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, and to ensure
that all children with life threatening illnesses
receive the best possible medical and clinical care.

The Appeal is a non-political, non- denominational
organisation that exists solely to financially support
the Royal Children’s’ Hospital Melbourne.

For more information -

Note - Hunny is solely available for Free the Bears
Fund only and is not applicable to the appeal

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Meeting in Singapore

Its been a while since I posted, but I have been off to Singapore this month for a business trip to meet my work colleagues from Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Singapore and USA. It was great to meet them, we had a fantastic team building exercise where we painted on a blank cavas I must say it was fantastic fun, I will dig out the pic and post it, and I work with a great team of characters who love to have fun and work of course. This was my first visit to Singapore. For those who have not been there, its a lovely clean place, no litter in sight, lots of shopping for those who want to (designer brands galore), a fabulous place to go out wining and dining. The weather hot and humid. All in all a great trip. Back to reality now!

Yes I have been making bears fantically in the meantime, I haven't dropped the ball there so too speak!!!!! Argghhhh yes its finals time in baseball here in Melbourne and we are sure loving it.

Putting the finishing touches to my lovely new design!!!!! Can't wait to finish it I am so proud!