Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bears That Care Charity Auction - Friday 12th November

This very special Charity Event is being held Friday 12th November starting at 6.30pm, people can support this event by gathering at the RACV Club, 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria.

They will be there to support "The Bears That Care" charity auction, which is an annual fundraising event, held to support Ovcare National Cancer Centre (iniitiative of the Fight for Cancer Foundation), everyone is invited to join in. Lets help fight cancer!. There will be bears from all over the world up for auction to try and meet this worth aim. If you would like to assist by bidding on one or more bears, the foundation and its members will greatly appreciate your support. All the bears can be viewed now at

My contribution to the event is "Tommy", who is made in lovely chocolate brown Kurly Schulte Mohair, and is approximately 30cm or 12 inches standing, fully jointed, one of a kind bear, with lovable expression.

For those who are unable to attend in person, bids can be submitted via email. To place a bid, all you need to do is register by email to Judi Herschell at incorporate the following details below before midday on Friday November the 12th Eastern Australian Daylight Saving Time.

Bidder Name:
Bidder Postal Address:
Phone Number:
Lot Number : - Ask Judi for assistance
Bears Name:
Starting Bid: - remember all bids are in Australian Dollars
Maximum Bid:

Note -
On the night of the auction, where their are email bidders, once the starting bid has been reached, and if there is competition for that bear, the bids will increase by $10 and then $5 as appropriate until bidding ceases. Should the bidding on that particular bear stop within your range, then you will win that item at that price (plus the cost of postage)

Thanks in advance if you chose to support this worthy event.

Hugs Karen.


  1. Hope you raise lots of money, sounds like a very worthy cause

  2. Thanks Katy, the event was successful, I attended on the night, there were heaps of bears from all over the world all of very high standard, a fantastic setting top floor of the RACV building which overlooks the city of Melbourne, we had a terrific storm that rolled in that we could watch. Lovely food and drinks, fantastic bears up for auction, and lovely entertainment, well hosted and auctioneered. I even adopted some bears myself. The money raised was a fantastic result for its first year, the organisers were pleased with this first time event and are keen to repeat in 2011.